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The "Invisible Worlds" Solo Exhibition, Athens 2022

Welcome to the online companion to the “Invisible Worlds” Exhibition that took place in the Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, in September 2022. You can see what photos were exhibited, buy the exhibited images and see the gallery of photos from the exhibition (COMING UP) and some quick videos and interviews (ALSO COMING UP :))

Screenshot 2022-09-06 170351_google-pixe

On your phone, you can open this page and scroll through the images as you walk through the gallery. It’ll give you locations and more background information about every photo in the book. 



You can purchase all the exhbitied works from the gallery as a signed and certified limited edition print. The price is 120 EUR for the 40x50cm photos, 200 EUR for the 50x70cm photos. (unframed). Shipping worldwide. Please contact me if interested. 


If you’d like to take the gallery home, it’s possible, almost literally. I prepared a gallery book with highest quality photo prints, containing the work from the exhibition. It comes in two sizes. You can see it and order here


In the Gallery section of this page, you can find additional images for you to browse. They can also be purchased as limited edition prints. 

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